Lucius Stark

Lucius Stark

Hello, I’m Lucius Stark. I have a Vietnamese wife, and I am an expert on the specificities of local women. When I’m not at work, I spend time with my lover and share my experiences about being in relationships with her via writing articles.

I met my wife during one of my road trips when I went to New Orleans. It’s hard to say that it was love at first sight because to approach a Vietnamese woman, you need to understand the right way of doing this.

After communicating with her for a while, I understood that there was something special about her, and I shouldn’t let her disappear. And here we are: married for 10 years, having experienced different situations, and being as in love with each other as during our first year together.

I have earned a B.A. from Harvard University and attended Universal Class on creative writing. Having published several novels and managing to keep the sparkle in our relationships with my wife, I decided that other men adore Vietnamese brides but aren’t sure how to build relationships with them.

I am persistent enough and eager to share my knowledge with the world, so became a place where I could follow my passion for writing and a platform that guides men on finding their lovers.

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